Over the years VantagePoint has grown its team of investment professionals and sector experts and also built an in-house cadre of legal, accounting, marketing and human resource professionals to assist its companies in building successful, growing operations. With offices in Silicon Valley and Beijing China, VantagePoint’s team and extended network of advisors bring global perspective, rich networks and extensive operating experience to each and every portfolio company.

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Alan Salzman
CEO & Managing Partner

Bill Harding
Managing Director

Gene Gable
Vice President Marketing

Jim Marver
Managing Director

Richard Harroch
Managing Director

Han Zhang
Vice President

Patricia Splinter
COO & Managing Director

Neil Wolff
General Counsel & MD

Karen Eliadis
Chief Financial Officer

Terry Chen

Tom Bevilacqua
Managing Director

Stephen Gray

David Fries
Managing Director

Jack Helfand
Senior Counsel

In addition to its in-house team, VantagePoint employs a global network of Senior Advisors, sector experts, consultants and other professionals to tap as needed for specific projects and to lend expertise where appropriate, all with one goal in mind: to build the most-successful companies possible which will, in turn, create the best-possible results for investors.